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PostPosted: 05-06-2012 07:14 AM    Post subject:     "Well." Li
    From the framework of the rope bridge chains look netg human arm thickness, because of the age-old and rusty, even rot off, but if they are observed, they would now one of the chain buckle with a ring structure,louboutin, and the previous two one has seen the hollow design in Shimen on the door frame is the same, no wonder that will give people an eerie feeling.
    Shortly after the cold cleared, if they had never blowing.
    Distance that side about three hundred meters of distance. "Liang Xi silent forget about the Qing Yue Road," to me behind my back. "
    A touch of fragrance into the nostrils, feel the back of the two groups tender rou extrusion, Liang Xi hearts could not help a dang, can not help but want to re-girl body mo cable some.
    Liang Xi exhaled breath, her arm around to clear the shoulder and said: "taut, do not let go."
    The flame burning quietly,michael kors, both of them not far from the illuminated bright as day.
    So did not use anything that fixed the rope bridge suspended in the air motionless.
    The rope bridge above the chain, looks just that the Shimen sculpture much like it! "Liang Xi close your eyes and recall what Road.
    Kept from the bottom even if this space is well up to penetrate the wind, the rope bridge have not the slightest shake.
    "Well." Liang Xi nodded and said, "either at the mountains just Yamagami this just collapsed, I am afraid we will not notice the bridge,burberry, just confirms I guess, there is indeed has somebody. "
    Clear and observed, and then holding the hand of Liang Xi arm more firmly.
    It was supposed to connect with Liang Xi side dong hole for some long corrosion rotten rope bridge at one end from the Liang Xi at least five meters distance.
    "Health " Clear and hit the nose, acid bridge of the nose to the gate g on a layer of tears in her eyes.
    Round the mountain dong cut off from here, like a knife cut from the middle of a piece, the other end of the Shan dong, in the distance a few hundred meters away, two mountain dong middle, that is, one does not peaked, the next The bottomless huge space, the walls, such as chisels Daoke of the general smooth.
    Careful observation of this bridge, Liang Xi's eyes slightly narrowed, hearts filled with a faint unease.
    Liang Xi took a deep breath and walked towards this sudden round dong mouth,herve leger, just take a step,louboutin, and suddenly the heart of a hanging, and hastily stopped.
    Immediately behind him, clear and did not expect Liang Xi suddenly stopped, the body before the collision in his post back, suddenly Oh groan yín out.
    But think of the situation at the moment, he abruptly pressure
    The most clear and serious,ralph lauren, is not suddenly interrupted dong hole, but in this space, but there are still a tattered rope bridge to connect the disconnected two dong hole.
    Clear and heard this, Liang Xi obediently clasped his neck, climbed on his back, a pair of slim and powerful long tuǐ tightly grip the eve of the waist beam.
    An inexplicable atmosphere of terror spread throughout between two clear and took hold of the beam the eve of the nerve suddenly taut.
    Body squeeze past the eve of the arms of the beam, clear and just to see the sight The xiao mouth suddenly open, almost scream out.
    The rope bridge above the long rusty, people feel weird,air jordan pas cher, this rope bridge and is not something fixed out of nowhere to be hanging on the cliff.
    Bursts of sobbing sound is coming from the depths of the dong port.
    The front turned out to be a bottomless cliff.
    Liang Xi pushed the real power in the hands of the flame burn brighter, around fifty meters range according to a translucent one.
    "Well!" Clear and heavy nodded, holding the arm of Liang Xi,michael kors outlet, the footsteps behind him walked on.
    Before the two through natural dong hole, the hole wall some bump stop, but at the moment in front of the two, dong, cave look is carefully polished the shape of the mouth of the dong,louboutin pas cher, has become the standard circle.
    Liang Xi, - "clear and took the hand of Liang Xi took a step backward, half of her feet just take to the cliffs, even faint With the frozen hemp feeling at the moment,air jordan," I've lived here for hundreds of years, never heard of here but there are still dong hole. "
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quietly suspended six red

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