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PostPosted: 05-08-2012 08:39 AM    Post subject: Lin Fan was still awake
Patch of mountain collapse broken everlasting forever, time is absolutely more than 20,000 contained in the mountains, actually collapsed broken! "Good heavens! Baizhang Big Wave! What I see Fog hidden the Zhuang, when so terrible thing "
"Oh,air jordan, this time you can be wrong, although I expect to be some opportunities, but also did not expect to actually be true magic that Emperor guy heritage of white magic in the fog hidden Zhuang seclusion too long, nobody knows. he even holds true magic Ti heritage, life,louboutin pas cher, and interesting, than its unknown ah ... "Here, Green the Muzi shook his head, looked up to the mid-air, he Mouguang seems to pass through the eternal through space, the eyes reveal the thinking light. Of Lin Fan deity living in endless true magic of turbulence, still with one of callous, and not the slightest movement. A spiral of air that seems to channel general, still quietly stand the emptiness, not the slightest movement, but the true magic of the surrounding gas, but it is extremely violent, crazy towards it rushing up, and then rapidly condense into a body . Body formation, Lin Fan soul, suddenly a kind of trance feeling,louboutin, he felt, an emerging suddenly involve force, even traction with all his soul, Chung went to move in that whirlpool,michael kors, the exact said, rushing up towards that with the rapidly formed body.
Boom! His soul has finally broken into the body, I heard a boom shock, suddenly exploding, along with the roaring sound
At this moment, figured out everything, Lin Fan soul, full of excitement, the kind of physical collapse crushed the tremendous pain, and even may also wish to nothing to feel. Peace of mind experience with this change, the heart of Lin Fan, slowly quiet down. He knows that this process must be extremely long, the slightest impatience shall. Slowly quiescence of his soul, the true magic of the body, still constantly broken restructuring, but every broken and restructuring experience, but it is getting longer and longer, this space at this moment. as if the universe in general, during the initial evolution.
Time passed, I do not know how long this day, the original will is very violent space, suddenly broke out in violent than the previous ten several times, this space, in this day, as if to burst loose general terror The rumble of sound,ralph lauren, heard, and the momentum is near the geographical, all shook. "How is it How suddenly aroused such a strong earthquake "
The vibration is more than the patch of space, at this moment, the fog hidden Villa are boiling up,herve leger, many people have looked up a few people to the geographical stared looking at there like the end of the world changes, talking. In a very quiet cabin, Green Muzi and an old man wearing a black gown, is the tea. Feel the changes in the outside world, the two are not the slightest shock, seems to already be expected in general, that the old man wearing a black gown looked green Muzi smiled, and then drink a tea Road: "All these are, I am afraid you expected it say you on this Lin Fan can really not thin ah! "
"Is this necessary to complete synthesis the true magic of the body " Lin Fan soul, suddenly filled with such an idea. In several previous restructuring, the fragments of the soul more or less towards the body Chung go, but, the main soul Under involve force towards the body rushing up,burberry, but it is the first time! This is also precisely Lin Fan surprise the reason! However, he has not had time to reflect on the power of that kind involves a sudden increase,louboutin, all of a sudden he pulls the whirlpool, the whirlpool at that kind of pull force is huge. Previously, Lin Fan soul slowly near the body,air jordan pas cher, even to enter the body inside the sensor inside the power inherent in that time, the pulling force, but it seems aimed at the true magic of the gas,ray ban, his soul and do not have much traction, but this is not the same, even two all involved towards that with the upcoming formation of the body away. Lin Fan only feel the call is heard, his soul will be drawn into that whirlpool, suddenly, he felt he had come to an absolute darkness of the world, this world, and the power involved is ridiculously large forces under his soul, should be rapidly differentiated into numerous fragments, and the true magic of the gas close integration towards the frenzied rush to the body. But at the moment, Lin Fan was still awake, but at the same time, the surge of more severe pain than before, also will be heard.
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