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PostPosted: 05-11-2012 09:41 PM    Post subject: Lacoste greece online prG BHP pjz
By Will Davies Will DaviesThe Commonwealth Games are upon us. Will India be happily reflecting on a job well done in a few weeks’ time or has all hope already been washed away with the last of the monsoon rains?Right now, it seems that for every Commonwealth Games optimist there are 10 naysayers. Rather than excited anticipation, a sense of resignation reigns. This is an opportunity for India to showcase itself, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that people here would rather the event doesn’t take place at all (if in doubt, check out the comments section on this page).The lack of preparation, they say,nike obuv, is an embarrassing indictment of India. Too much corruption, not enough accountability, too much talk, not enough action.I would’ve counted myself as one of the pessimistic majority a week ago. And the news this week about participating countries getting skittish and new construction problems certainly hasn’t been encouraging. Still, I am gradually coming round to the view, over-optimistically perhaps, that Delhi might just pull this off. AFP/Getty ImagesFloodwaters from the Yamuna River near the Commonwealth Games Village in New Delhi on Wednesday. Wandering around the city, I have been struck by the progress made in just the past week in terms of landscaping and road clearing, while the Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium is shaping up as a pretty funky looking flagship venue — at least from the outside — when lit up at night. Banners have emerged on lamp posts and flyovers,Lacoste greece online, with the games’ mascot, a tiger named Shera, belatedly drumming up support. A.R. Rahman’s theme song “Swagatam” is getting an increasing amount of airtime, for better or worse.As makeovers go, there’s still much to be done before Delhi can shine on stage, but at least it’s looking more presentable than at the start of the month.It will be a frantic last push, but it always is before any big event. I was lucky enough to be living in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics when the Chinese proved to the world they were more than capable of putting on a well-organized and dazzling spectacle. That’s not to say there weren’t concerns right up to the opening ceremony. They just got less airtime because of the tight control of the press and the positive expectations of the people.The Commonwealth Games, of course, are a far smaller event. The high-stakes Olympics were a defining moment for China and will be remembered as such for years. Yet Delhi’s games are still significant for India – an opportunity to demonstrate that it has the wherewithal to put on a world-class event and keep up with China.In the build-up to the Beijing Olympics, there were well-founded concerns about the state of Beijing’s air quality and traffic, and indeed potential terrorist attacks. But people were most worried that the Games would be overshadowed by political protests by foreign tourists or, worse still, by athletes in front of the world’s media.China was worried it would be embarrassed by others. India is worried it will embarrass itself.Ultimately, the protests in Beijing barely materialized and the Olympics were regarded as a huge success. Delhi would dearly love to take the plaudits when the Commonwealth Games finish in mid-October, but the public is in unforgiving mood after witnessing the slow-motion car crash that has unfolded over the past year. Organizing chief Suresh Kalmadi is not a popular man, and that is unlikely to change, even if the games are a surprising triumph.While there was never much doubt Beijing would have everything in place for the Olympics, Delhi finds itself in a mad scramble to get match ready, despite having roughly seven years to prepare.On several occasions, I’ve heard Indian friends wryly say they wish their government could take a leaf out of the Chinese book and just get things done. Their frustration grows as fast as the list of Delhi’s problems, a collapsed bridge here, a shoddy athletes’ village there. Most of the construction should’ve surely been done before the monsoon. You don’t need a psychic to tell you it will sometimes rain quite hard in Delhi during summer.If the infrastructure was already in place (China has already finished work on the athletes’ village for the Asian Games being held in Guangzhou in November), the public could get excited about this sporting event and the organizers could focus on the pressing matter of security,lacoste obuvki, rather than a leaky roof above a ping pong table.On a very basic level with regard to the games, I view China and India as two students. China, the geeky kid who aims for, and is likely to achieve top results, by hook or by crook. India, the sleepy slacker at the back of the class, shambolic but loveable, desperately cramming at the last minute to get through the big exam. The West, incidentally, is a jock.

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