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Dprotech Reply with quote

PostPosted: 12-12-2001 11:05 PM    Post subject: Distinctive Ring support under Windows XP
Does it support this feature and if so how?
I've tried three modems with Winfax Pro 10.02 and still no Distinctive Ring support. Help.

I know that Win95,98 and ME supports it ..but does XP ?
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Jeff Reply with quote

PostPosted: 01-10-2002 01:46 PM    Post subject: Nope
This problem occurs because the Windows 2000 implementation of UNIMODEM in TAPI does not support the distinctive ring feature.

MSKB#: Q272943
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Vee90 Webmaster Reply with quote

PostPosted: 01-29-2002 01:18 AM    Post subject:
Although microsoft has this listed as a Win2000 only issue, are we sure that they did not build distinctive ring support back into the WinXP unimodem driver?
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Neil Reply with quote

PostPosted: 02-09-2002 10:57 AM    Post subject: WIndows XP Distinctive Ring
Has anyone been able to solve this issue with Windows XP?
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Paul Fenn Reply with quote

PostPosted: 02-11-2002 08:48 PM    Post subject: Distinctive Ring in Windows XP
I too am having the same problem! I use distinctive ring as a fax line and thus have the computer answer w/ Talkworks Pro and yet ignore a 'normal' ring on the family line so the regular answering machine can pick least I DID until I installed XP and LOST the distinctive ring option...c'mon guys, get on the ball with the TAPI scripts!
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David Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-23-2002 08:13 AM    Post subject: distinctive ring
Looks like I'm not the only guy in the world that got messed up by this one. 98 and ME both supported the distinctive ring. XP should, but it does not. I'm tired of messing with it anyway. Looks like Southwestern bell wins again. Line "3" and I don't have to worry about it again.
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Martin Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-25-2002 09:17 AM    Post subject: same problem
It seems this is a common problem since I have a very simular one.

I have a nice application written under Windows98.
I try to run it under Windows Xp but it doesn't. It displays several error messages. As I debug it I foi=und out that it can't cope within the Tapicode.c file, which is copy-pastet straight on from Microsoft.

I guess 'SendDlgItemMessage' doesn't return the right ID since it returns zero.

Does anybody have an idea who I can run TAPI under Windows XP?

Cheers Martin
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wzdf Reply with quote

PostPosted: 05-15-2002 10:30 AM    Post subject: Bitware 3.0 Distinctive Ring XP
I did not know about this distinctive ring problem with XP until I upgraded to Winfaxpro 10.

My bitware 3.0 distinctive ring works on xp (most of the time)
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Laurie Reply with quote

PostPosted: 06-02-2002 09:15 AM    Post subject: Distinctive Ring support under Windows XP
Thank you I found this site, because I thoughtI was going crazy that I couldn't figure out a simple thing like identifying distinctive ring for the fax via computer.
Does anyone have an application that actually works well with XP?
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Mark Stangl Reply with quote

PostPosted: 07-23-2002 10:45 PM    Post subject: Distinctive Ring
Faxamatic works under XP and W2000!
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Artamis Reply with quote

PostPosted: 08-01-2002 10:51 PM    Post subject: Talkwork Pro/Winfax Pro Distinctive Ring
Try this site it helped me:
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Pete Reply with quote

PostPosted: 08-09-2002 01:05 PM    Post subject: Distinctive ring in XP
Has this problem been resolved yet? I need fax software that supports distinctive ring in XP...leave it to Microsoft to create something, then leave it out of their upgraded software...what the hell are they thinking...add...don't take away you knuckleheads. has this problem been resolved with any third party drivers or software? Thanks for any help

I just ordered distinctive ring yesterday and then found out today that XP doesn't support it....pisses me off.
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Steve Reply with quote

PostPosted: 08-18-2002 01:02 PM    Post subject:
I'm pissed too. I just upgraded to Windows XP and now my distinctive ring doesn't work anymore! It worked great under Win95, 98 and ME.
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Eric Morse Reply with quote

PostPosted: 09-05-2002 02:02 PM    Post subject: Distinctive ring and XP - The Solution
O-KAY, here's how ya do it!

1 - go to yer friendly local Radio Shack.

2 - buy a Distinctive Ring Selector Thingy. I'm in Canada but I assume the Radio Shacks or any other telephone-parts type store in the US of A would have a similar Thingy. My model cost $CDN50.

3 - Set it to whatever position is your fax line and plug it in between your FAX modem and the wall, and try it out. It will simply block any rings from your primary line. Basically it's a switchable filter that allows you to pick position 1, 2, or 3 for the equivalent number of rings. It only works with the Distinctive Ring service.

Since it doesn't affect anything outgoing, you can still (for instance) use the MS Outlook phone dialer feature if you've got your phone plugged into the other half of a Y-connector. At this point I have my DSL Internet, fax modem and telephone all plugged into the same wall jack. Everything works.

This may actually be preferable to a solution in the operating system itself. I found under Windows ME that WinFax 10 was always forgetting what to answer and what not to answer. This is a simple, fairly stupid device with a real switch on it and impossible to screw up. Of course if you have three lines and you're running Line Three into the same modem for data you may have a problem since the box will only recognize whatever ring it's set to so you'll have to choose. But, luckily, that's not MY problem...

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Chris Konecny Reply with quote

PostPosted: 09-12-2002 06:22 AM    Post subject: Distinctive Ring - Software fix?
I need to have three distinctive rings (routed to two mailboxes and one fax) all going to the same modem... there has to be a software fix somewhere?
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Seymore Putz Reply with quote

PostPosted: 11-12-2002 08:07 PM    Post subject: I got DR to work in XP!
Guys I have been in this road with you now for a week solid. I am using XP sp1 with a USR 5699B modem purchased at Best Buy.

WinFaxPro does not work in 2K and XP with Distictive Ring at all. They only support it in ME/98/95. Lame company anyways. How can ya trust a company that buys up the competition...but that's another story.

The bundled PhoneTools fax program included with the modem does not work either. It has a hard time seeing either DR tones. Nor can you change Ring A config.

Solution? I disabled an init string I had been using in the Phone & Modem Options contol panel. The init I had tried to use was to enable DR to begin with. USR by default disables DR.

Get HotFax from and in its prefs you have the options to address configuring 4 diff DR tones.

I my case auto answer is set to 4 rings. Ring A is set to "ignore" and Ring B is set to "fax".

My telco voice mail is set to 5 rings.

Everything works without a hitch, flawlessly.

Hope this helps!
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Dan Reply with quote

PostPosted: 11-28-2002 01:43 PM    Post subject: What Microsoft has to say about distinctive ring
The distinctive ring feature was considered a feature more suited to Win9x system, so support wasn't built in the Windows 2000/XP TAPI implementation. I’ve contacted our development team. Currently there are no plans to support the distinctive ring feature in Windows XP.

Regarding what vendors will support this feature in Windows XP. How about using some devices to support this feature? They are called something like distinctive ring device, or ring pattern call router/recognizer and typically are from $20-$100.

You may go to certain search engine (i.e. and input "distinctive ring" as the keyword. In the search result, you could find such devices.

Some third party software may also provide the Distinctive Ring feature in Windows 2000/XP. The following web forum might be helpful.

By the way, in case you have any suggestions regarding our product in future, you are welcome to add your supplements at or send emails to

We are sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused. Let me know if you have any other concerns. I am standing by here for your reply.


Hover Xue
Microsoft Windows Online Support
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John LeBlanc Reply with quote

PostPosted: 12-27-2002 02:02 PM    Post subject: Distinctive ring support & XP: HOW TO DO IT
Amazing that Microsoft would expect us to believe that distinctive ring is a "Windows 9.x" feature!

Here's how to get around it.

Go to modems via control panel or device manager:

Go into modem properties and select initialization string under advance properties.

Type: S0=2-SDR=2#CID=1

This will set auto-answer after 2 calls, distinctive ring to pattern 2 and caller ID to long format respectively.

You can change the numbers to whatever you want and remove #CID=1 if you don't care about caller display.


John LeBlanc
Halifax NS
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EJ Friedman Reply with quote

PostPosted: 01-07-2003 07:05 PM    Post subject:
This init string doesn't seem to work under Windows XP using the Lucent LT Winmodem drivers. In fact, it shows the TAPI device is not available once the string is added.

Anyone else have a workaround for this? It has become more than a little annoying and frustrating, I'm ready to go back to Windows 98.
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John LeBlanc Reply with quote

PostPosted: 01-08-2003 12:17 AM    Post subject: Distinctive ring
I'm using an external Hayes Accura 56K speakerphone modem (Rockwell type) attached to COM1. Windows XP PROF sees it as a TAPI device and my initialization string posted above works fine.

Could this depend on modem type? What about telling Windows that the modem resides on COM1 or COM2 instead of using TAPI?
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