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PostPosted: 02-08-2012 12:01 AM    Post subject:
louis vuitton outlets jingruiccq <p>The United States does citron of empty orgnaization CitronResearch() yesterday (on December 6) released triplet to be aimed at strange tiger the doubt report of 360, say latter exaggerated income of network louis vuitton outlets stores address navigation and webpage game business, this orgnaization still reiterated pair of latter 5 dollars / target price. </p><p> Dai louis vuitton 2012 of 360 president week letter call strange tiger citron on the small gain in oneself is " do had a deficit for nothing money begins so subjective " . Evening, louis vuitton outlet doubt of 360 pairs of citron makes strange tiger was responded to at 3 o'clock. </p><p><b>Citron: Strange tiger is exaggerated income</b></p><p>"Or strange tiger concealed income mode to wall street, or existence louis vuitton wallets finance affairs is con. " citron expresses in the report, had much research, reach such conclusion. This also is not to arrive inside two months, citron louis vuitton outlets store online is aimed at strange tiger 360 issuance triplet oppugns a report. </p><p>Before this, citron has been been opposite twice strange tiger 360 had initiated doubt, report of the first doubt was released on louis vuitton outlets online November 1, citron thinks to surprise tiger business of 360 intended exaggerated companies, mark a price strange tiger eye to be 5 dollars surely; The 2nd is released on November 16, citron undertook correction authentic louis vuitton outlets to the first report, citron strange tiger the business mode of 360 more the channel of Chinese high speed that resembles retreating louis vuitton speedy city. </p><p>In the triplet report yesterday, citron key around strange tiger the income of network address navigation of 360 and webpage game business raised doubt. </p><p>Citron says to there is 60~65 on gucci outlets home page link of tripartite website, for every months with every link price 225 thousand yuan are calculated, income of quarter of this home page comes for 5.5 million dollar about 7.8 million dollar, the photograph of 20.9 million dollar in louis vuitton outlets signing up for with strange tiger money goes very far. Say, last quarters are strange tiger 360 call income of its webpage game 9.7 million dollar, number of user of game paying fee is 87000 people, but citron thinks, no matter be China or United States, every user paying fee contributes income every months on average 53 dollars are impossible. </p><p>In addition, citron is oppugned in the report, strange tiger 360 webpages discharge is checked hard, its business domain is unsharpness. This orgnaization still reiterates strange tiger the price of 5 dollars target of 360. </p><p><b>Zhou Hong Dai : Be after making empty deficient money subjective</b></p><p>After be being released with before this two reports same, citron got again the doubt of the personage inside course of study. </p><p>"Navigation advertisement on the price, the appraise value of 225 thousand RMB has deviation. " person Zhang Shule is judged to be accepted yesterday when IT " daily economy news " when the reporter is interviewed, express, be known according to him, a lot of websites especially above devoted Dou Yuangao passes electric business company this price. </p><p>Beijing east store CEO Liu Jiang east and should be when net CEO Li Guoqing on small gain say, regard strange tiger as the client of 360 navigation website, strange tiger 360 navigation collect fees every link price Yuan Chao 200 thousand yuan / month. </p><p>To the doubt of webpage game, zhang Shule thinks, every pay cost to use an average month to contribute 53 dollars is not a worth while and amazed thing, royal, Netease, have a good swim short of of and so on, because,be their advocate battalion project is network game. Because this is on the contributive value of user paying fee, 360 photographs of as strange as what give priority to business Wu with webpage game tiger present bigger difference than meeting. </p><p>Two reports before this are released, zhou Hong Dai undertook contradictory, this is not exceptional also, its went up in its small gain yesterday afternoon speak bluntly, citron is " make empty deficient money begin so subjective " . </p><p><b>Strange tiger response is done empty</b></p><p>Be aimed at the research report of citron company, strange tiger 360 evening gives yesterday " daily economy news " send statement to express, this article includes what be in factual mistake and misdirect sex more to guess: </p><p><p>The first, this company little statistic the advertisement on page links number, "Up to 2011 money year the 3rd quarter, have on homepage of navigation page add up to 125 to 130 advertisement paying fee is linked, this number can have slight monthly wave motion, and citron claims to only 60 is link to 65 " . </p><p>The 2nd, every link that cites in citron report 10 thousand RMBs of 200 thousand ~25. Strange tiger up to 2011 money year report of the 3rd quarter shows, the average price that every advertisement on home page links is 320 thousand go to 350 thousand yuan. Be in " famous site " the advertisement cable length of area is average the price is 1 million yuan. </p><p>The 3rd, strange tiger thinks, strange tiger 360 appear on the market with other China game the game ARPU value of the company undertakes comparative is unjust allow, because latter is not dedicated at webpage game. And, 2010 webpage game platform was rolled out first, the webpage game income of strange tiger basically is driven by the growth of user paying fee. Every months of ARPU stabilizes the level that controls in 380 yuan of RMBs all the time. </p>(Article origin: Author of daily economy news: Wen Kun)
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Meanwhile, Dave Wannstedt 'resigns' in the tersest View previous topic :: View next topic
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