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PostPosted: 05-03-2012 08:42 AM    Post subject: the leaf Kotake has been obsessed with practicing
    Ye Kotake this station, is the night. Until the second day, the East of the sun has just exposed the horizon, leaves Kotake that like the night is generally dark eyes suddenly flashed a glimmer of light. Whisk in the ice on the palm of your hand slowly turned into a fist,burberry, the more grip and more tightly, long nails is almost necessary to pierce his own palm ...
    Recall that at this time, repent. Really stupid extremely regret even hate to even! Brain could not help but memory again scenes flashed recall of various scenes look at today's cloud Yao life and death and unpredictable, mind is an emotional experience, it is difficult to own.
    In cloud Yao brought back a few days, leaves Kotake is concentrated practice,coach outlet, I suddenly felt someone asked to see the mysterious Xiao Dianwai a recruit them know the original is All Souls city to revenge to. The moment leaves Kotake, ordered that monks anxious all other saver of the monk,herve leger, presided over by their care to send a large array, the moment can not stop can. Leaf Kotake own
    Meditation past legislation setting sun,coach outlet, was that unusual ...
    Cloud Yao has always been the favorite sightseeing tour, so the beauty will certainly most like. Unfortunately, the leaf Kotake has been obsessed with practicing, cloud Yao even to visit him, he often will not accompany her at the time, but to be practicing tired, need to rest when stopped to stay with her that a session. Be rest almost right again to start practicing ...
    That ice is not only a knowledgeable candle dragon not see anything abnormal is prohibited technique can be described as master-class in Iraq, if also do not see the situation in the end is how. But she did give the leaf Kotake eat a reassurance, that is, she could see the cloud Yao breath of life to non-band is not weak, but also stronger than other similar repair his monks. Seems trapped in this ice cloud Yao continues there will be no damage, but will she will have inexplicable benefits. In addition, the ice can not be easily go damage because of its extremely hard, if not carefully so that fragmentation is likely to hurt the cloud Yao, making her flesh also will be split ... In this way, to break open unless the ice seems Kazunari grasp,louboutin, or else it must not start.
    The sunset the flashy slowly receded, the night is slowly coming. Bamboo leaves but still stands at the window, waited at the cloud Yao side, did not move. Like to be frozen not only cloud Yao, as well as his general.
    When leaf Kotake longer appear in front of everybody, but as if did not happen anything. He could feel the cloud Yao still has the breath of life, it is like really asleep. Has been so long,ralph lauren pas cher, and her breath of life is still not a little fading, presumably in the ice into the cloud Yao should be temporarily not fear for their lives. Ye Kotake should still have a little time to find break the law.
    Now have no clue on the second day of the leaf Kotake called all the monks. Shenxiao sent a total of more than 100 monks,michael kors, the saver of the total of 14,louboutin pas cher, the rest is just building the base. In addition,christian louboutin shoes, there are many of the chi. These base large the chi is a martial art of the future development of an important source, but this time it is of no on the usefulness of leaf Kotake also has not been to interfere them. He convened today so many people, but to do a huge decision. Gate 14 name-saver monk, he was going to send half of seven to repair slightly lower saver monks lead the half of the thiol monks scattered in different places to find the law rescued cloud Yao. The martial art coincided with the employer on the occasion, but if the only defense, with care to send a big fuss behind closed doors, Souls city want the attack to come in is also extremely difficult. Which to explore the rescue cloud Yao law of nature is start the sooner the better.
    This is to have the benefits of their own forces, many things are told to go,herve leger sale, people would do it for you. And these people to spread, and will certainly faster than the leaves Kotake personally asking around several times. As a result, he can both sides do not delay. While looking for ways to save cloud Yao law while learning Yufu, left by the Shura-day prison as soon as possible to enhance the cultivation.
    Then, in turn leaves Kotake detained cloud Yao ice revenue the Zifu. Now, even if Shenxiao Sect unusually strong defense of a large array, the martial art of the people he trusted, but he still did not dare not cloud Yao placed here. A man of indomitable spirit, as if afraid of accidentally lost toys children make cloud Yao tightly close at hand ...
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the leaf Kotake has been obsessed with practicing View previous topic :: View next topic
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