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PostPosted: 05-03-2012 03:04 AM    Post subject: unwilling and hatred
The first shrunk (I)
,herve leger sale
    Not our kind heart will be different.
    Ye Zhengrong these words is beyond the scope of Chen Feng acceptable, can not believe that the capital's leading large and small will call each other brothers and his upstart son.
    How can we expect to wait for them to descendants always be the sick man of Asia insidious national sincere.
    Keeping a low profile, layout and how much a game of chess or the enemy is strong and overbearing Ye Zhengrong eventually experienced a century of humiliation nation is still weak.
    Insulted, discredited, to be isolated, not thousands of years to promote the etiquette nation is not enough generosity and kindness, on the contrary, excessive kindness and tolerance the Ye Zhengrong even if not in its place the interest of his children by the first-tier capital large and small, far from extremely temporary overlooking the pattern of the world cattle fork height.
    Ye Zhengrong surprised a moment, can not help but laugh, take a deep whiff of smoke, look interesting to ask: "I said that the ministries compound Dandyism met me hard work, respect, and media hype, what capital the fourth son of encounter I have installed grandson, I was in Beijing City on the row number of second-generation ancestor,coach outlet, you believe "
    Frenchman really cheap ** the Americans is not a good thing, and small in Japan,christian louboutin shoes, Indonesia, a virtue, to obstruct the torch relay fucking matter,louboutin pas cher, the Olympics remained open, the Chinese people still Lehe, kind of go to Beijing Bird's Nest demolition a.
    They turned back, wait and see Chen Feng suddenly remembered the words of gold I book: epee no front, not the most delicate work.
    The appearance of plain Darksteel epee Forging the the Tulong Dao Heavenly Sword, the rare treasures.
    402 quarters boss Ye Zhengrong will play pig eat tiger shot Chen Feng,air jordan, deep in thought, long time without saying, Ye Zhengrong cut the Gordian knot a lead, the write head and see Chen Feng stared him smile,louboutin, asked: "May Day Holidays in Shenyang that little girls want to come "
    The first chapter shrunk (I)
    West, a great well known law,coach outlet, autumn and winter show
    Chen Feng, a daze 23 seconds before nodding, Shenyang life photos and live video are quite customs million titillate legs girl holiday came Xijing Chen Feng impending Aventure failed to divert attention,burberry, hesitation, Q: "Boss, you is not the kind of free eggs hurt to Xijing the capital of this small place to play pig eat tiger large and small "
    Chen Feng, shaking his head, then shook his head, his face did not believe.
    Juhan of himself is the great apes,louboutin, and thick darkness to hide his resentment in his eyes, unwilling and hatred, but concealing his determination to revenge.
    Although Ye Zhengrong also take a look at the news of the the glances gas evil people, but not much mood swings, landing VS number, ready to play a few innings of Warcraft, child abuse people, relax, not ready to unconditionally gave their lives for the Republic The Jagged men do not patriotic, patriotism and love of a woman, rational needs.
    "This is not finished, blind Why think so much, remember we will always be brothers to become." Ye Zhengrong not reveal flaws smiled, the subject road: "half past four, Han Zhiwen their race start to Chou Chou,michael kors, province of Korea old noises we two are you talking about. "
    ps: Volume I ends.
    West opening in the end of August last year, 402 quarters four meet, so far, six months Time passes, Chen Feng see Ye Zhengrong, such as smoke and mirrors, and always see through that he willingly low haughty head recognized boss man, suddenly come to mind a word like the Zhaxian speak, the thinking is suddenly open.
    Do not think that poor orc player played his words accuse Ye Zhengrong sinister at the same time clamoring for the next Board set Ye Zhengrong taste the real master of the powerful orc players Ye Zhengrong useless good race and so casually He had no child of any defense, to wonder Zuoheganxiang.
    Collective indignation of the people, Ye Zhengrong play World of Warcraft play was exceptionally carefree, cross legs, according to the hand of the keyboard tucked smoke APM value is naturally far from aggressive, hand speed and elegant missed the most despised and expert players mouse almost stream, so casual to eleven the Orcs opponents abuse of appalling.
    402 quarters Chen Feng looked at the page News indignant clamor, as if being severely hit his face this kid learning fun not a decent, patriotic sentiment fell Ye Zhengrong admiration for the Republic of shed blood for many years, the Olympic torch relay The twists and turns, Chen, large and small, followed by anxious day, open the computer top priority is to focus on various news about the Olympics, and then endlessly cursed, scolded the voice did, filling a few mouthfuls of Zhao ups and downs in the eyes of expensive mineral water.
    Lang Kun, I will return to serving you revenge. "
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