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PostPosted: 05-03-2012 03:04 AM    Post subject: the bowl gently push to the table
    Cui Xiaoqing wear quickly interrupted: "Yeah, you want to rebel, to so many soldiers do."
    "I also intend to in the city opened a briquette field, but the high cost of land the land of the town shopfront to open small (East Tibet no less), if the production of briquette plant moved to the village, but it is a way out - - Oh, just to hide manpower and ...
    Tilting slightly, while Cui Xiaoqing about his neighbor to go back, and ordered several lift the corpse the Zhuang Huren first waiting for her return to the main room and found that wear sitting on a chair slowly tea, Cui girl shaking a handkerchief, crisp smile, sit down and say: "Oh, a meter is not a total ... Zhuangzi li militia pulled off, the entire village of force grip in their hands, they do not want to play which fight which, I became a case of the board of fish - which erupted Dairo this spoiler ...
    Wear carefully finish the last sip of soup, the bowl gently push to the table, patted the belly satisfied with the answer, said: "I have errands in town ..."
    Wear the meaning of these words: here can be regarded as the treasure point, we only property hidden in here,air jordan, if there is not peace,coach outlet, that I am in town,burberry, is also worried.
    Fang pale: "I heard that he lived in town."
Volume I Chapter 159 Chapter Lost and Delirious
    All silent, without a word, and so on for a while, more than inquiry: "So how Dairo think this matter of the militia "
    To wear while sipping tea, while thinking: "rebels may be different from the usual criminal cases. The next few months, the court will be the disposal of the army, ready to crusade, so the things of the militia,louboutin pas cher, we can organize them is a good thing. future town country two ran, if the village to build a militia,christian louboutin shoes, who lived in the city do not have to worry about here. "
    "What need to discuss." Wear tightlipped about: the village folks, the critical moment, we the village in large, the interests of the village,herve leger sale, and more to pay a little less pay, but also with the folks who care about - the militia command, I am doing my tonight my manpower, the Cui girl manpower can be gathered,louboutin, several,louboutin, to the time do not forget also to report their own tenant
    Immediately wake up,coach outlet, wear shame laughed: "Ha ha ha ha, look at the news of a rebel, even I have to set to work, others I am afraid, this
    Side the mother Yede breathe next to Zhao tempted to ask: "When the son intends to move to the countryside to live "
    Wearing nodded: "sure you want to pay close attention to begin - just in this small village, a fifty militia enough as ten small pumping organize at least one hundred people. Cui girl out of 30 people, less, give you fifty individuals it my hands to play can be a close fight, to get 20 people out, so, the militia commanded me not stand on ceremony. "
    Square mother looked very ugly, like cattle breath half-day coarse,louboutin pas cher, got up and said: "Since the Office of the militia of the things that have misfortune, Dairo Please wait I headed to get better and come replies."
    Cui Xiaoqing eyes wide open pretending to be surprised: "so many days, my mother did not know the sea son of the house presented to when Dairo Dairo also regarded as one of Chuang Tzu, and his men, but their combat readiness , all of them are fighting the Han Dynasty. "
    Cui Xiaoqing pointing to wear: "Who says I want to send the butler to go, obviously a beloved thing."
    Wear when the party mother led several daughter-in-law out of the gloomy face, exactly, when they go out, the lift Zeng Laizi corpses of six Zhuangding awaken these people for a commoner, came Bese hospitality, and the side mother and other people head hit. Party mom stunned for a moment, she seemed to have misunderstood these Zhuangding wear got a helper, was very alert looked to farewell Cui Xiaoqing, along the way never said nothing. It touches the peasant household have to see covered in grade silk square mother, also respectfully hello.
    Here a few headed woman gently relieved, wear immediately added: "However, the Land is fundamental, where my own house - the Land, we must always take care."
    Do militia Well, summoned all the young, we can morning training, afternoon allow them to militia workshop, by the way send them an allowance. Militia income, common interests will militia tied too tightly, oh, well, tightly gather around us. In this case, too few hundred people, we should be the militia of the neighboring villages merger together ...... "
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Seems a bit familiar.

always smiling to see the old Liang Zhao Weiguo

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the bowl gently push to the table View previous topic :: View next topic
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