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PostPosted: 05-03-2012 08:43 AM    Post subject: just turned his head away
    Three evil elders, the continuous fall of
    "Do not"
    Fighting a half-day,christian louboutin shoes, Long cloth sun aimed at an opportunity, a sleeve to shake off, is to sweep the hot sun of the eagle's eyes, the sun eagle eat the pain was about to fly far from open, was Long cloth Yang grabbed the foot lever. hand said something, pulled in front of, to prove safety of a stamp, is to penetrate the Eagle heart
    Sakyamuni Buddha as the opponent is the opposite hill that terrible man,coach outlet, Madman of Chu
    Madman of Chu strong, when they have to see him to know his powerful shot, demon-huang, in any case, not rivals.
    Wins last game, it means survival, these two evil touches Brothers Wife, want to leave each other the opportunity to each other.
    The demon Huang has closed his eyes, looking ashen, although he had expected such an outcome, and acquiesced in such a sacrifice, but when witnessed or felt chest depressed, not want to see.
    He opened his wings, and soar air, two claws serial phase hit Gongshiruchao
    "Long cloth Yang, you do not have the pretense that the war to divide life and death,"
    Just listen to Long, however laugh, dignity and talons between the shuttle to come and go whenever the hair's breadth on the occasion, to avoid the hot sun Eagle onslaught.
    Long cloth Yang shook hands,coach outlet, dry hands bloodstains, the hot sun eagle's body aside, this return in situ.
    Buddha Shakyamuni was like shook his head, "If you are on Chu madman, and even a trace of odds, Long cloth yang martial arts, but, with you behind the wings, but can account for some cheap, or be able to win a ......
    He opened his eyes, surprised to find that Sakyamuni Buddha as the proboscis is wrapped around the collar,louboutin, the face is the meaning of peaceful compassion, just eyes, there is a trace of doubt.
    As early as the wind sub-Yue expected, demon-huang is also well aware of the tragic fate of the two, just turned his head away, could not bear to watch.
    Now the evil party, 10 to its seven, in addition to demon-huang, on the left under the hot sun Eagle and Sakyamuni Buddha like two, the sun eagle looked under the Madman of Chu and Long cloth sun,louboutin, gritted his teeth .
    Suppression of the order of the two mythical beasts, or Madman of Chu's absolutely overwhelming strength, or a different, though vague and contingent, but in the end there is one glimmer of hope.
    "Big brother or else you first go, this the Chu crazy giants break the virtual realm of, you are not opponents, this Long cloth sun but you can be a war, it is better to ..."
    "Eagle, decades ago there was a will, do not want to today, even to death Competing Unfortunately, pity
    The demon Huang's ears came the sound of the Sakyamuni Buddha as the.
    Sakyamuni Buddha like smile, cry, Shen Zhang a push, the sun eagle standing firm, drop the field.
    A flying eagle, with wings of power, power is more in the human repair a hundred times above the eagle claw kung fu, and the strange and unpredictable moves the angle and strength, are specific to the extreme.
    This early in the day weapons mainland BrightShadow Bot the ground breaking virtual master demon Huang's view, there may be more than the wind sub-Yue to be tough.
    Death Competing But now,michael kors, he certainly can not give way.
    The hot sun, the eagle down is also hard gas, anyway, will be divided into life and death, why should they polite
    "Do not allow to let go, so their fate!"
    Sakyamuni Buddha like, although it is evil
    Changed other people, even if it wins, I'm afraid have to hand busy confuse a while, but for Long cloth Yang, refinements of the world of martial arts,louboutin pas cher, various changes,louboutin pas cher, clear in mind, although changes in this talons. is extremely Guiqi, but remain the same, he, how can not recognize
    Long cloth Yang, congenital pinnacle, but in the end no significant mountain dew, the day they never repair time was martial as nine Wicked, naturally you want to back away, now the strength to rise,herve leger, but not without a battle. force.
    Poor odd sighed, With gluttonous and walked away, after the previous one, was actually useless the time of a half stick of incense.
    Long famous cloth Yang, for many years, and nine of these evil not manipulated, but also played face to face,burberry, just to see the beasts of the King Tiger and horn Kui cattle are quietly die, are not also have some mixed feelings.
    "What happened " Demon Huang hearts can not bear to turn too far.
    Long cloth yang long laugh cry, flying into the sky, facing the wind sub-Yue and Chu madman for a ceremony, this floating off the field, long-sleeved swing, Hefatongyan, just like the human gods.
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