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PostPosted: 05-05-2012 07:17 AM    Post subject: I saw Huang Ting hum blowing
"Ah, ah Shine " Day child immediately turned his head away and looked at the bed Mingyuan, his eyes with round. Mingyuan's who exudes a strong golden light,ray ban, powerful divine force so that the entire loss of the atmosphere of the garden are very sacred.
Huang Ting Yu Xiao to come up, and looked extremely awe,air jordan pas cher, and her eyebrows,michael kors, and a golden flame patterns emerge slowly, her momentum is then rising quickly climbed to the extreme.
Erh a gently Oh, sigh, and then a little thought, said: "ah, why his father's body in the light it "
"Oh, let me implement your ideas!" Mingyuan himself on the ground, a golden the flood Jin Langtao days, and the sacred forces of crime disorder community finally boiling
Souls were lost garden, has been chasing the days of playing children and Erh are sweating,louboutin, they are perhaps not care how much chaos outside, do not ignore what demons good and evil and what age they are playing, slapstick is their favorite.
The shock of the air, Mingyuan punch to open the other end of the dragon, his power has consumed too much. He just moves in the imperial spirit must own physical strength and soul of the power of fusion. The original,burberry, the repair is not high can the two forces integration into a "holy force", now he is using that power, that the power of natural increase terror.
"Undefeated! Undefeated all the villagers shouted to them and release the golden light of Chan, who light flew into the air, away to the Mingyuan The direction convergence.
Those villagers soon come to understand the madness of war, burning eyes. Although they did not inherit the lifeblood of the battle,ralph lauren, but they have unbeaten belief!
However, he then how to increase strength, power is depleted, unlike the other end of a dragon, he has the dark forces of evil of the crime chaos sector as a support, precisely because of this, he can have nothing to fear,louboutin, and always crazy to attack.
Yu Xiao play, and even the next Tiger Johnson has been the impact of the power of the body as if bound for a general, although this is only the aftermath of the study on three forces.
"Ha ha, little fool, you power the end have to do,michael kors outlet, my strength is a never-ending, ha ha ha ..." dragon, laughing, frantically devouring those dark clouds continue to enhance its own strength. Regardless of its body by the number of trauma, it can immediately cure is completed, Mingyuan injured, he did not directly cure, because the kind of consumption,louboutin pas cher, and now he simply can not afford.
The chaos of the family will not be defeated! "A white-haired old man shouted Road, although his body has already stooped, but his belief be beat!
Days a child, the body immediately stand up straight, hands behind, put on the appearance of an adult, said: "silly sister, and my father now will not be disturb it! Father now is in a coma, rather than sleep forward, no matter how noisy it does not matter. "
"Good and powerful force, this little girl Do what cheat is not " Tiger Johnson secretly surprise,herve leger, I saw Huang Ting hum blowing, two lines of tears from the eyes in the outflow. This study on three completely tied yellow step five of them lived, while others just by a little bit of influence, would not affect their attack power.
'm sorry! "
These days, the fire children and Xiao rain busy death, to lose the number of the garden a lot less. Their mind very much look forward to the Mingyuan can wake up, but every time they are disappointed. Again and again disappointed so that they can not help but cold only
Four hundred and eighty second Zhang Mingyuan will wake up
"My God, the father is really to be our wake we quickly went to mother them, they will be happy to die!" Before Erh aloud days children took it immediately ran towards the door, and looked extremely excited.
Strong heart is the real strong. The older generation, but can not make bricks without straw, my strength now is not endless! "Mingyuan smile, when he was ready to devote their final strength and dragon desperately , he suddenly felt a warm body, as if the winter around the side of a great furnace, and he bowed his head, looked at the ground, his face immediately ghost of a smile.
Brother, in this play will not wake dad ah, my mother said the father to sleep. "Erh said gravely, but just like the fights of the loudest is her.
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immediately turned his head to reveal Qinhao ray of grim smile.

Deng was said Chen Sheng.

hastened back to the intrinsic reported

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I saw Huang Ting hum blowing View previous topic :: View next topic
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