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PostPosted: 05-05-2012 07:18 AM    Post subject: "The poisonous Valley magician
    "What " The moment the embodiment of the seven people saw Nie Feng, Albatron child suddenly burst in a daze, then, Nie Feng's right hand once again broke out in a terror of dead air, seven hideous grimace, fierce from the Nie Feng's right hand sprang, to Hongxiang a Albatron child.
    'Nv, tolerance for people who were' not hard to guess a fire Albatron child's feelings, but this Albatron child is an abandoned garbage in order to even sell their own mother family nv discard sacrifice. such as, or even can not do the nausea is so simple, is simply not people xìng performance!
'm afraid that I bō comes out fighting will instantly Nie Feng torn powder.
    After all, the to Wun child that refining the soul of the peak of the repair for want beheaded him, you have to used the force of the brutal spirit of the devil's hands, Albatron and done, Nie Feng furious, even though today's right-hand burning harder and harder to reluctantly resorted to the power of the devil's hands for just this brute of a man beheaded on the spot!
    Roar! Boy! You even put my clothes nòng dirty I will kill you! "One broke from the Nie Feng, clutching his giant hand, Albatron child thundered loudly, then, that gold sè Feijian, from the towards Nie maple electrical shè.
    "Good" has always been like to catch nòng Feng Chih,louboutin, this is the exception to listen, hear Nie Feng Feng Chih eyes splendor chain lightning,burberry, soft back Nie Feng soon after, Fung Chih flash out, would not let anyone disturb Nie Feng Albatron child of the war.
    To "Imperial India Huoliao Yuan,herve leger!
    "Who is the attack " The outbreak of the eyes burst jīng light, Albatron child towards Nie Feng side sweep, see Nie Feng and Feng Chih Albatron child cold voice said: "The poisonous Valley magician,ralph lauren, you are killed! "
    "How now do not I look up and speak " Nie Feng looked at the smashed down Albatron child, cold smile, turned to Feng Chih said: "You helped me to see, do not let other people to interfere with this guy, I'll kill! "
    "You see!" Meng, Feng Chih-pointed to a figure Nie Feng said,michael kors, that figure is at the moment of the war, escaped from the large array range Albatron child, but also use over the fire will be relentless fire bombers will kill a man.
    "Death Wrong, and today I just put a brute of a beast to kill nothing, instead of seeking death!" Cold smile, Nie Feng Albatron child comes to mentioning the air.
    You Eyes scanning Nie Feng a, Wun child suddenly with a laugh: "I do not know where the self-confidence to say such a thing behind you who America nv, did not leave me ability, a mere forging the repair of the soul realm, dare to say such a thing ... is really killing me, you speak should be upward, and I said,louboutin, you actually want to kill me "
    "Get down!" Said something about the hand, Then,ray ban, Albatron child directly from the sky pulled down, and severely hit the ground, 'H' is a loud noise, originally standing proudly in the air Albatron child was Nie Feng grabbed and thrown to the ground, a time to find any of the whole person.
    That scum! "For Albatron kind of behavior, Nie Feng is felt deep disgust, and the fire will be only one side of the edge, but Nie Feng clearly remember, when the fire will be in the makeup The kind of faint flow nv lù out of people's happiness.
    Thundered loudly, Nie Feng moving the Feijian blasted a strike days Huoliao Yuan, the flame of the Indian boom in Feijian above, suddenly broke out in a loud explosive powder, and Nie Feng taking advantage of this moment, stepping on the the Omen step, and displaying the magic gas to stay in shape one of the seven, and instantly appear in the top of the Albatron child.
    Yan day sword! Against from the rotation! "
    "Three dead poison!" Sound thundered, Fung Chih first shot, and that Albatron also seems to long induction,michael kors outlet, as in Fung Chih shouted the moment of insanity by the three dead on the fierce the Albatron gold at the foot of sè Feijian former channeling planted in front Jian Mu, all three dead instantly put poison resist down.
    "Yes, looked up to speak too tired, then you go away down how " A pair of eyes outbreak cold God sè for, Nie Feng, regardless of the burning of the right hand and shoved it stretched out his right hand, that grim grimace in a small fraction,air jordan pas cher, it becomes a huge gray ** palm of your hand,louboutin pas cher, and an immediate scene nòng stupid to live Albatron child seize.
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it was his uncle Song Boguang.

then his whole straight roads of the pour down

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"The poisonous Valley magician View previous topic :: View next topic
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