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PostPosted: 05-07-2012 11:08 PM    Post subject: "the world flavor
    "Wonderful, you choose our family, anyway, my body toxic,ralph lauren, really miserable, long ago not want to live ......" Debating complained.
    How could this be ! Lu Qing, to speak, caught in an endless whirlpool, vague then I do not know where. The sixth consciousness of the five senses I nose knowledge is still only seems occlusion disappeared. End of this feeling is very strange and wonderful, and the wandering Cave only had I hearing different.
    "This is really a mess, we will use this strange smell of the exchange of ideas." Lu Qing, fixed idea,louboutin, this feels really bad.
    "Can not, how are you "
    ! - The big day, you Chu drug concept pickled smelly, really poisonous extremely. "Tenba complain Zhao.
    Lu Qing, shocked, you want to get up but found the body as a rock is generally a move can not move, can not be considered eye, the ear can not hear, the tongue can not move, Tongshen unconscious, full of spiritual power is not know where to go. Only under the nose flaring into the consciousness of endless strange flavor.
    "How do you betray a friend, she was originally selected you!" Lu Qing against.
    "Do not, Zhao year does not take a bath once, smelly, very! Miu Miu, Lu Qing, refraining from eating grain for several days, the body of pure light and agile, you're good with his body."
    Just then, the stench came, turned out to be woke up in the great day, "... are you proud pride refused earlier hands-on, now arrogant over the fire, turned into a bad."
    "Shut up, did not choose on all die, noisy what myohyang Taoist be severely
    "... Well, I was afraid he woke up, can not accept the status of this ruthless, will Wild cocky." Lu Qing quickly rejected the thought of the great day of wild cocky feeling, really creepy .
    Taoist myohyang came the feeling giggled, "had it. Uncle If you feel nausea,air jordan pas cher, Miu Miu monks wake of the great day that spend good, but he came and I am afraid that is a strange odor. Uncle , you are either "
    "...... Do not," Zhao Tenba thinking consciousness has finally come to an rosin pass over, people feel is wandering around an Songhai is really interesting, "Lu Xiong,louboutin pas cher, you can move it "
    "Grumbled " Myohyang Taoist spread awareness temporarily dilute the stench of the great day,louboutin, Ji Dan's body was Ziyun child that something is broken, the seat did not want to use. Three of you being on the is a Tenba brother looks the most handsome, the seat autopsy wins the farmhouse. "
    Lu Qing, a wry smile, "happen to know he wanted to take a closer look, full of curiosity, I did not expect to fall into the trap."
    "Ha ha ha ...... and myohyang Taoist mixed in a I'm not disgusted, just hang out with that stupid big day to a, but it is not good."
    Myohyang Taoist is with great pleasure, there came a smile, "It seems Uncle you know a lot of it."
    Lu Qing consciousness consciously know the sea flying out of a wonderful taste, but to convey the idea, "... 'myohyang the Dongtian' 36 Cave, one of the 'wandering Cave door in the goods' par, it was hidden in a valley into this trap empty island without scent. "
    Came a sudden surge of fragrance, like sandalwood like Phoebe Hong Clubhouse with him for ten days, the daily sharing a bed, this taste was issued by her. This fragrance into the brain, even into the consciousness of the myohyang Taoist discourse,michael kors, Yanming Yingti feminine as before, "the world flavor, there are 84 000 blend combination with each other, can evolve into endless. Uncle,ray ban, Miu Miu open the 'myohyang Cave' by Millennium burners among you in the Cave How does it feel, ha ha ......
    "No!" Lu Qing snappily, "are you Yoshikatsu eager, not earlier shot, have to try the 'powerful' myohyang Cave, now we change two ball Xiang Wu, mixed in with a Miu Miu Whatever next. "
    "... Hee hee hee, Uncle,burberry, Miu Miu really somewhat willing you dead yet ... I first kill Tenba brother ..."
    "Our forefathers, hear the Tao,michael kors outlet, and Death. Persistent Uncle such a truth, indeed Miu Miu admire it." Myohyang Taoist body fragrant emerging.
    "... And you 'myohyang Cave' is so strange,herve leger, my spiritual power repair disappear completely, is to shake the killer also disappeared, as if of flavor to an Gold and Iron, and this how sway dance Luxiong, you can have a magic bullet
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"the world flavor View previous topic :: View next topic
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