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John Reply with quote

PostPosted: 09-19-2003 10:46 PM    Post subject: Internet Explorer ActiveX Problems
When i first installed and bought my computer+comcast i didnt have any trouble at all.. but now when ever i need to get to certain sites where i need to use ActiveX controlers it gives me this error message

Your Current security settings prohibit ActiveX controls on this Page. As a result the page may not display correctly.

Now of course i tried all the usual stuff changing my Security options etc, reinstalling IE etc. but NOTHING works, i cant listen to the radio, or chat or get to any site that uses activex controllers.. Anyways its driving me insane and i can never get in contact with the Microsoft tech support.. Plz help me. I also have trouble accessing sites like when i sign in for my, or, or stuff like that whenever i need to sign in i just get the Cannot display page.. its all jacked up plz help.. thanks JJ
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Steve Reply with quote

PostPosted: 09-23-2003 08:54 AM    Post subject: Activex Problems
Having the same exact problems. Wondering if you found a solution. Thanks, Steve
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spyder Reply with quote

PostPosted: 11-07-2003 12:49 PM    Post subject: activex
i having the same problem its so pissing anoying i have tryed everything 2 and nothing works i there any1 out there with an answer ppppppppppppppplllllllllllzzzzzzzz!!!!
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Wayne Reply with quote

PostPosted: 12-08-2003 09:22 AM    Post subject: ActiveX problems
Extremely annoying, I had the same problem. I fixed it by installing Macro Media Flasplayer 7. Hope this helps.

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Wayne Reply with quote

PostPosted: 12-08-2003 09:24 AM    Post subject: Flashplayer download address
Forgot to include the download address:

Good luck, Wayne
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bea Reply with quote

PostPosted: 12-09-2003 01:30 PM    Post subject: Internet Explorer ActiveX Problems
you can also lower the security of your internet explorer. open your internet explorer browser, click on tools, internet options, go to security tab, click on custom level, set it medium-low, click on reset, apply and ok.

hope this couls also help.
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Paige Reply with quote

PostPosted: 12-11-2003 04:08 PM    Post subject: IE problems
I'm having the same exact annoying problem. I have MSN dsl...and it worked fine until about a couple of months ago. My Internet Explorer won't let me sign into, or use MSN Explorer, OR let me use MSN Messenger....and my ActiveX warning pops up ALL THE TIME!!! I've tried EVERYthing...switching the security settings does NOT work! This is really annoying...if someone could please help me, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks Smile
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M Reply with quote

PostPosted: 12-28-2003 09:13 PM    Post subject: ActiveX
I am not getting an error message but I notice that a site which I think uses ActiveX script is performing ridiculously slow, basically making it unusable. It is driving me crazy as all of you. I wonder if it has to do with this virus I got called Java_Bytverify.A. It's not listed as very damaging but I have a feeling that's what did it on mine.
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Spriggy Reply with quote

PostPosted: 02-24-2004 03:38 PM    Post subject: GAAAHHH!!!
For the love of god, has anyone figured this out? It's driving me insane!!!! AHHH!! Email me or reply or whatever if anyone has any ideas.... thanks.
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Charaf Reply with quote

PostPosted: 02-24-2004 10:12 PM    Post subject:
Try this:
Windows 98: Start>Run>Type sfc and Scan for altered files.
Windows XP: Start>Run>Type with the space sfc /scannow.
In both cases you will need the installation disk.
Good luck
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No Tales Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-03-2004 06:40 AM    Post subject: Macromedia doesn't help me
I installed Macromedia Falsh PLayer 7 and nothing gets any better. HELP!! I have to create a website using flash and I don't even know if it works or not!!! (O_o) I'm getting crazy!!
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Kitwa Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-14-2004 03:09 AM    Post subject:
I have the same problem. I know this isn't helping but I also have tried setting IE security options to low and even tried a custom level with everything set to enable!!

I have scoured the internet for the last two days trying to fix this and NOBODY knows what to do!! If anyone finds an answer then they are truly deserving of the Nobel peace prize as I am set to throw my computer out of the window.

No one knows what to do. We're all alone...
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Melissa Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-16-2004 07:59 PM    Post subject:
hey! for you people who has problems signing into hotmail and msn and msn messenger! I read a forum ealier and it said to go to Start then Run and type in
regsvr32 softpub.dll <--- copy and paste if you must!

But i could sign into that stuff after i did that :S Soo... it must Work.. , But i'm also having the Problem with the Active X which i have no clue about that!!! Gr... pissin me off!
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Me Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-17-2004 02:50 PM    Post subject:
"> <img src=">
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farshad Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-19-2004 08:56 AM    Post subject: Same problem
Guys, I'm having the exact same problem. I'm losing my mind over this and I'm very close to reformatting my hd but I really don't want to. Have any of you guys found a fix for this problem yet?
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Melissa Reply with quote

PostPosted: 03-23-2004 08:28 PM    Post subject: ActiveX
Hey peeps! I think i found a solution! if it doesn't work.. tell me... cause i did somethin' else before this.

Go up to Tools and click Internet options.
Click Security tab
With Internet High lighted Click Custom Level
make sure it has Medium in the thing and Press the Reset button beside it.

Then Make sure the Following are like so under...

ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins
Download signed ActiveX Controls - Promt
Download unsigned ActiveX Controls not Marked as safe - Promt
Intitalize and script ActiveX controls not mark - Promt
Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins - Enable
Script ActiveX Controls marked safe for scripting - Enable

Then Click Ok.
Click Yes when asked a Question.
Click ok.
Then Hopely everything should be fine. But if not! E-mail me at and tell me. Cause mine works now that i did all that stuff!
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steph Reply with quote

PostPosted: 04-01-2004 04:21 AM    Post subject: melissa is a genius
I had exactly the same problems with activex and hotmail. typing regsvr32 softpub.dll like Melissa said worked perfectly. Thank you! Now I can keep my sanity.
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DAS Reply with quote

PostPosted: 04-08-2004 06:23 PM    Post subject:
went to internet explorer properties/ security/ custom and the hole page is blank? tried to reset to default.. and no luck please can someone help me??
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cicatriz Reply with quote

PostPosted: 04-10-2004 02:01 PM    Post subject:
yes ive seen this happen with my IE. Ive looked for diff solutions but nothing seems to work. I've recently abandoned IE and started using Mozilla Fire Fox instead. I couldn't be happier. It blocks popups and is VERY customizable. Recommend this and your problems will cease.
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Melissa Reply with quote

PostPosted: 04-24-2004 09:38 AM    Post subject: ActiveX
If you still have problems with Active X just um try going to
and Type in

regsvr32 softpub.dll
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